Tverskoy boulevard, 9
MON-SUN 12:00-00:00


People. Food. Happiness.

- a project that transmits the philosophy of environmental friendliness and getting closer to nature. The concept, authored by Ruslan Stekolshchikov, is built around the forest: eco-friendly natural materials are used in the interior, the hall is decorated with a large number of plants and dried flowers.

The menu is packed with specialties, most of which are made with microgreens grown in the restaurant itself.


Тайная жизнь растений в самом центре Москвы откроется вам сказочном Л.Е.С.у: Ресторан, бар, мини-теплицы с травами и невероятная атмосфера на Тверском бульваре 9.

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Valery Chigarnov

An authentic reading of the product and competent work with it according to the principle of seasonality - this is Valery Chigarnov's credo. The L.E.S. chef has a great background: a graduate of the SWISSAM academy, numerous internships in the best restaurants in America.

Schools influenced: Catalan (innovation), French (classical school), Asian (sauces).

To create a new recipe, Valery is firstly inspired by the product:
"First of all, I like working with people, with a team. I like the impermanence of it all, every day is different from the other".

Chef bartender
Anton Gromov

There are 15 unique cocktails on the list, which chef-bartender Anton Gromov composes and updates seasonally. They use perfume from oregano, molecular foam from Tibetan chamomile and mountain flowers, as well as distillates based on wild herbs, on which Anton infuses the base for cocktails.

"Classics are trivial, but here you can draw as you feel like it. Relying on knowledge, you can make a completely new and groovy drink. We take an ingredient we like and work our magic on it."